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#### Recommended tools
For designing microstructures and generating meshes with HO_homog features, gmsh and its API must be installed.\
The gmsh SDK that containt gmsh and the python API can be downloaded from the [official gmsh website]( The files should then be put into the right directories by hand.The files must then be put into the right directories by hand.
\ Alternatively, gmsh SDK can be directly install *in a pythonic way* using the unofficial Gmsh SDK installer : [gmsh-sdk]( :
pip install --upgrade gmsh-sdk
The fenicstools toolbox can be useful for field reconstructions when the RVE mesh and the full_scale mesh do not match.
> With the function interpolate_nonmatching_mesh_any it is possible to interpolate from a Function of any space on one mesh to a Function of any space on a different mesh.
This python package can be install with pip :
pip install git+ --prefix=/.../lib/python3.6[or other version]/site-packages/
## Getting Started
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