Commit 0b2efd16 authored by Baptiste Durand's avatar Baptiste Durand

Update of Gmsh2DPartFromRVE

Remove all the physical groups from the model except those representing the part.
Reason ? Delete the physical groups that may be used when defining the RVE for splitting/cutting the RVE into several parts.
parent 89dfc2ab
......@@ -438,7 +438,10 @@ def Gmsh2DPartFromRVE(cell: Gmsh2DRVE, nb_cells, part_name=None):
for gp in phy_surfaces:
all_gp = model.getPhysicalGroups()
dimtags_part = [(gp.dim, gp.tag) for gp in phy_surfaces]
remove_gp = [dt for dt in all_gp if not dt in dimtags_part]
# ! Pour le moment, il semble impossible de réutiliser le tag d'un physical group
# ! qui a été supprimé.
# ! Voir : \Experimental\Test_traction_oct19\pb_complet\run_3\
......@@ -492,4 +495,3 @@ __all__ = [
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