Commit 19677e3c authored by Baptiste Durand's avatar Baptiste Durand

Fix variable name error in previous commit + complete docstring

parent e8da593b
......@@ -310,7 +310,7 @@ class AbstractSurface(object):
def_crv = []
surfs = _wrap_in_list(surfs, "surfs", (PlaneSurface, AbstractSurface))
for s in surfs:
if not surfs.tag:
if not s.tag:
dim_tags = [(2, s.tag) for s in surfs]
boundary_ = model.getBoundary(
......@@ -200,7 +200,7 @@ def rotation_basis(pt_coord, angle, direction, point=None):
pt_coord : 1-D array-like
3 coordinates of the point to which the rotation is applied.
angle : float
Rotation angle
Rotation angle in radians
direction : 1-D array
Direction of the axis of rotation, 3 component vector
point : 1-D array, optional
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