Commit 89dfc2ab authored by Baptiste Durand's avatar Baptiste Durand

New possibility with function_from_xdmf: import several functions at once

parent 8bfa3030
......@@ -98,30 +98,47 @@ def facet_plot2d(
return plots
def function_from_xdmf(function_space, function_name, xdmf_path):
def function_from_xdmf(function_space, function_name="", xdmf_path=""):
"""Read a finite element function from a xdmf file with checkpoint format.
Multiple functions can also be read at once.
function_space : dolfin.FunctionSpace
Function space appropriate for the previously saved function.
The mesh must be identical to the one used for the saved function.
function_name : str
The name of the saved function.
xdmf_path : pathlib.Path
function_name : str or list of str
The name(s) of the saved function.
xdmf_path : pathlib.Path or str
Path of the xdmf file. It can be a Path object or a string.
Extension must be '.xmdf'
If multiple functions are requested: #TODO : test
the first argument must be a list of tuples (FunctionSpace, function name)
the second argument must be empty.
Ex: function_from_xdmf([(V,"u"),(W,"eps")], xdmf_path=checkpoint_path)
New function that is identical to the previously saved function.
dolfin.Function, list of dolfin.Function
New function(s) that is(are) identical to the previously saved function(s).
f = fe.Function(function_space)
file_in = fe.XDMFFile(str(xdmf_path))
file_in.read_checkpoint(f, function_name)
return f
if isinstance(function_space, list):
all_f = list()
with fe.XDMFFile(str(xdmf_path)) as f_in:
for fspace, fname in function_space:
f = fe.Function(fspace)
f_in.read_checkpoint(f, fname)
f.rename(fname, "")
return all_f
f = fe.Function(function_space)
f_in = fe.XDMFFile(str(xdmf_path))
f_in.read_checkpoint(f, function_name)
f.rename(function_name, "")
return f
def function_errornorm(u, v, norm_type="L2", enable_diff_fspace=False):
......@@ -316,4 +333,3 @@ def xdmf_mesh(mesh_file, import_subdomains=False, facet_file="", physical_file="
subdomains = fe.cpp.mesh.MeshFunctionSizet(mesh, cell_vc)
return mesh, subdomains, facet_regions
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