Commit a762fb0f authored by Baptiste Durand's avatar Baptiste Durand

Less strict definition of periodic mesh constraints for RVE

Handling cases of microstructures that do not intersect the horizontal or vertical edges of the cell.
parent ce7c0193
......@@ -363,6 +363,13 @@ def set_periodicity_pairs(slaves, masters, translation_v=np.array(())):
Il n'est pas nécessaire de donner le vecteur translation explicitement,
on se sert des points des éléments de slaves et master pour le définir
if (not slaves) or (not masters):
"No slave or master geometrical entities are given for the definition of a periodicity constraint."
logger.warning("This periodicity constraint will be ignored.")
return False
all_entities = slaves + masters
if all(isinstance(e, geo.Curve) for e in all_entities):
geo_dim = 1
......@@ -378,21 +385,23 @@ def set_periodicity_pairs(slaves, masters, translation_v=np.array(())):
for e in all_entities:
if not e.tag:
if translation_v.any():
vect = translation_v
if geo_dim == 1:
elif geo_dim == 1:
vect = slaves[0].def_pts[0].coord - masters[0].def_pts[0].coord
raise ValueError(
"For 2D entities the translation vector must be explicitely given."
[s.tag for s in slaves],
[m.tag for m in masters],
return True
def sort_function_factory(dir_v):
......@@ -436,5 +445,3 @@ def order_curves(curves, dir_v, orientation=False):
return None
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