Commit bc34068e authored by Baptiste Durand's avatar Baptiste Durand

Update of the reference stiffness tensor D for unit test.

Only the components that must be equal to 0 owing to the microstructure symmetries and D_{122221} have been changed.
parent 02a6ef7a
......@@ -69,18 +69,14 @@ def test_homog_EGG_pantograph_1x1(generate_mesh=False):
[5.16572422e-12, 6.48384646e-11, 3.27924466e-04]])
D_ref = np.array(
[[3.72630940e-02, 2.20371444e-02, 1.00603288e-09,
-1.51425656e-11, 6.18921191e-10, -1.39407898e-03],
[2.20371444e-02, -4.32257286e-03, 3.52427076e-09,
3.08504101e-09, 2.91393310e-09, 1.24155443e-02],
[1.00603288e-09, 3.52427076e-09, 1.30706023e-01,
1.59177545e-02, -9.94987221e-03, -6.34655280e-10],
[-1.51425656e-11, 3.08504101e-09, 1.59177545e-02,
1.58014087e-01, 1.28902572e-01, 1.06773326e-09],
[6.18921191e-10, 2.91393310e-09, -9.94987221e-03,
1.28902572e-01, 1.16274758e-01, 7.79908277e-10],
[-1.39407898e-03, 1.24155443e-02, -6.34655280e-10,
1.06773326e-09, 7.79908277e-10, 6.38090435e-05]]
[3.7266e-02, 2.2039e-02, 4.6218e-10, 1.5420e-10, 1.2646e-09, -1.3939e-03],
[2.2039e-02, -4.3185e-03, -3.4719e-11, 2.7544e-10, 7.0720e-10, 1.2415e-02],
[4.6218e-10, -3.4719e-11, 1.3071e-01, 1.5918e-02, -9.9492e-03, -2.9101e-10],
[1.5420e-10, 2.7544e-10, 1.5918e-02, 1.5802e-01, 1.2891e-01, 1.5962e-09],
[1.2646e-09, 7.0720e-10, -9.9492e-03, 1.2891e-01, 1.1628e-01, 1.3358e-09],
[-1.3939e-03, 1.2415e-02, -2.9101e-10, 1.5962e-09, 1.3358e-09, 6.3893e-05],
Chom = constit_tensors['E']['E']
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