Commit bd18a9a3 authored by Baptiste Durand's avatar Baptiste Durand

Update definition of local_project

Possibility to use vertex values in DG elements for kind of interpolation
parent 8bd1c91d
......@@ -162,32 +162,43 @@ def function_errornorm(u, v, norm_type="L2", enable_diff_fspace=False):
return fe.norm(difference, norm_type)
def local_project(v, fspace, solver_method: str = "", metadata: dict = {}):
def local_project(v, fspace, solver_method: str = "", **kwargs):
Info : #noqa
v : [type]
input field
fspace : [type]
solver_method : str, optional
"LU" or "Cholesky" factorization
"LU" or "Cholesky" factorization. LU method used by default.
keyword arguments
metadata : dict, optional
This can be used to define different quadrature degrees for different
terms in a form, and to override other form compiler specific options
separately for different terms. By default {}
See UFL user manual for more information
** WARNING** : May be over ignored if dx argument is also used. (Non étudié)
dx : Measure
Impose the dx measure for the projection.
This is for example useful to do some kind of interpolation on DG functionspaces.
metadata = kwargs.get("metadata", {})
dX = kwargs.get("dx", fe.dx(metadata=metadata))
dv = fe.TrialFunction(fspace)
v_ = fe.TestFunction(fspace)
a_proj = fe.inner(dv, v_) * fe.dx(metadata=metadata)
b_proj = fe.inner(v, v_) * fe.dx(metadata=metadata)
a_proj = fe.inner(dv, v_) * dX
b_proj = fe.inner(v, v_) * dX
if solver_method == "LU":
solver = fe.LocalSolver(
a_proj, b_proj, solver_type=fe.cpp.fem.LocalSolver.SolverType.LU
......@@ -305,3 +316,4 @@ def xdmf_mesh(mesh_file, import_subdomains=False, facet_file="", physical_file="
subdomains = fe.cpp.mesh.MeshFunctionSizet(mesh, cell_vc)
return mesh, subdomains, facet_regions
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