Commit 7513fac1 authored by Jeremy BLEYER's avatar Jeremy BLEYER

Added note on locking in RM quads

parent bee702af
......@@ -18,6 +18,11 @@ remove shear-locking issues in the thin plate limit. Both linear and
quadratic interpolation are considered for the transverse deflection
:math:`w` and rotation :math:`\underline{\theta}`.
.. note:: Note that for a structured square grid such as this example, quadratic
quadrangles will not exhibit shear locking because of the strong symmetry (similar
to the criss-crossed configuration which does not lock). However, perturbating
the mesh coordinates to generate skewed elements suffice to exhibit shear locking.
The solution for :math:`w` in this demo will look as follows:
.. image:: clamped_40x40.png
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