Commit e002ab8f authored by Jeremy BLEYER's avatar Jeremy BLEYER

Update postBuild

parent d2560e96
pip install --upgrade gmsh
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pip install --upgrade gmsh
wget -nc --quiet${PYBIND11_VERSION}.tar.gz
tar -xf v${PYBIND11_VERSION}.tar.gz && cd pybind11-${PYBIND11_VERSION}
mkdir build && cd build && cmake -DPYBIND11_TEST=off .. && make install
pip install fenics-ffc --upgrade
FENICS_VERSION=$(python3 -c"import ffc; print(ffc.__version__)")
git clone --branch=$FENICS_VERSION
git clone --branch=$FENICS_VERSION
mkdir dolfin/build && cd dolfin/build && cmake .. && make install && cd ../..
mkdir mshr/build && cd mshr/build && cmake .. && make install && cd ../..
cd dolfin/python && pip3 install . && cd ../..
cd mshr/python && pip3 install . && cd ../..
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