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The Best Banner Ads Always Include This…

Banner ads have been used for advertising online since the early 1990s. The earliest banner ads were basic, with some being little more than text on a background. When images were included, they were low-quality, as the ads needed to be able to load quickly.

With today's internet speeds and changes in consumer spending, as well as changes in how many people are online, banner ads have changed quite a bit. Still, they're used as an effective way to drive more customers to a website. To do this, though, there is one thing every banner ad needs to have.

How Banner Ads Are Used Today

Banner ads are the ads seen along the top, side, or bottom of a web page. They're generally designed with a static image, though they can be animated, and they're designed to get viewers to click on the ad and visit the website.

Today's business owners use banner ads to increase brand awareness and to help drive traffic to their website.

Brand awareness increases the more a viewer sees media that includes branding, such as an image that includes a logo, specific color scheme, and perhaps an image that communicates a certain feeling. Banner ads are great for this because, even if the viewer doesn't click the ad, they're still going to see it and, over time, will start to recognize the business and whatever it’s offering.

When banner ads are designed and deployed correctly, they are more likely to be clicked, which drives more traffic to a landing page and sets more visitors on the path to conversion. This then amounts to more revenue that can be traced back to a banner ad.

Banner ads are generally a part of an overall online marketing plan or campaign, but they're not something to just create, publish, and forget about. Careful attention to the design of the banner ad can make a huge difference and enable the business to gain a more profitable response.

This is why it’s important to understand the most basic components of a banner ad.

Main Components Of A Banner Ad

Banner ads can vary a great deal but the most successful will include a few different standard components, all of which are designed to work together to make the ad more effective. The common parts of a banner ad that can't be overlooked include:

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