Commit ab76da04 authored by Thomas Helfer's avatar Thomas Helfer

Fix registration of the damage in the d_chi problem

parent 92aa9a40
......@@ -77,10 +77,9 @@ material_d_chi = mf.MFrontNonlinearMaterial("./src/",
problem_d_chi = mf.MFrontNonlinearProblem(d_chi, material_d_chi, quadrature_degree=0, bcs=bcd)
problem_d_chi.register_gradient("MicromorphicDamage", d_chi)
problem_d_chi.register_gradient("MicromorphicDamageGradient", grad(d_chi))
problem_u.register_external_state_variable("Damage", d)
problem_d_chi.register_external_state_variable("Damage", d)
problem_d_chi.solver.parameters["report"] = False
# We now implement the load-stepping procedure and, for each load step, the alternate minimization algorithm between the $u$-problem and the $d$-problem. The alternate minimization iterations are stopped when $\|d-d_{old}\|_\infty \leq \texttt{tol}$ between two consecutive damage fields.
# After convergence of an alternate minimization step, we compute the vertical force acting on the top surface. For this purpose, we previously defined a function `v` with a vertical component equal to 1 on the top boundary and zero everywhere. The action of the residual form in this field is precisely the resulting vertical force of the imposed boundary conditions.
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