Commit 6f3c40f8 authored by Baptiste Durand's avatar Baptiste Durand

few corrections

parent bd18a9a3
......@@ -367,9 +367,11 @@ def pantograph_E11only_RVE(
pattern += sym_rhombus
pattern = geo.remove_duplicates(pattern)
translated_pattern = list()
for ll in pattern:
geo.translation(ll, np.array((0.0, thickness, 0.0)))
translated_pattern.append(geo.translation(ll, np.array((0.0, thickness, 0.0))))"Done removing of the line-loops duplicates")
pattern = translated_pattern
constr_pts = [copy.deepcopy(pt) for ll in pattern for pt in iter((ll.vertices))]
for ll in pattern:
......@@ -11,6 +11,7 @@ import logging
from pathlib import Path
import meshio
from subprocess import run
import gmsh
gmsh_logger = logging.getLogger("ho_homog.gmsh")
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